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Food safety company

Our food safety department examines and develop control protocols for chains in food industry. For that reason, we stablish preventive and control measures, reducing the risks to the lowest.

What is food safety?

The concept for food safety refers to the access for consumers to nutritious and harmless food at any given time.

Regarding food safety, it is important to have into account that a zero risk situation does not exist. For that reason, control systems (HACCP) and preventive measures are fundamental pillars to minimize the risks and guaranteeing consumer’s security.

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (CCP) are moments, operations or stages that require a specific and effective control. That way, it is necessary to apply control protocols to remove or reduce up to acceptable levels a “hazard for food security”. Our analysis is based in seven principles:

  • Hazard Analysis
  • Identifying Critical Control Points (CCP)
  • Establishing critical limits
  • Development of a surveillance system
  • Establishing corrective measures
  • Implementing a verifying system
  • Creating a documentation system
Fases del Análisis de Puntos Críticos de Control
How do we provide our services?

To guarantee food security in the industry, Lokímica carry out two main functions: Critical Control Points Analysis y Hazard Analysis.

Fases del Análisis de Puntos Críticos de Control
Hazard Analysis

Inside the food industry there are many different threats. These can entail a danger to the product’s final consumer. For this very reason, Lokímica studies, analyzes and corrects 3 types of risks:

  • Biological hazards such as bacterial contamination, on cutting surfaces, handling tables, etc…
  • Chemical risks derived by chemical contamination.
  • Physical risks related with contamination of the product by the presence of any object; it being a hair or even a small piece of plastic.

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