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LOKÍMICA S.A. was constituted in 1978 Mr. Blas García Gómez’s initiative. From its beginnings 42 years ago it is dedicated to Public Health, having always improving the public’s life quality and the protection of the Environment as a goal, taking care of more than 9 million residents.

Leaders in Technology from the start

On its early days it, Lokímica developed Public Health work for the city of Alicante and the nearby area. For this matter, used from the very beginning the most advanced technology at the moment to apply these treatments, being the first company in the sector to have a firefly-type helicopter.

Health Public Services in Alicante

From its central headquarters in the industrial park Pla de Vallonga in Alicante, the company expanded its services through a maintained growth in the areas of Murcia and Valencia. With the implementation of these offices, expansion works took place. These have developed until today and are the reason that Lokímica has now a nationwide presence.

Lokímica today

42 years after launch, Lokímica has 10 offices in the south of Spain, and mobile offices and developing points distributed nationwide.

It has expanded its human capital, reaching a staff of more than 250 professionals and more than 130 state-of-the-art pieces of technology to carry out with its environmental health duties.

Among its clients are institutions like City Council from Barcelona or Palma de Majorca and more than fifteen clients as important as Mercadona, Ferrovial or Suavinex.

During these years of hard work, the company has acquired the recognition from a variety of institutions as a reward for its dedication and excellency in its service.