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Pest control company

As a pest control company we have developed a standardized control system with international recognition.

Lokimica has implemented a system that unifies preventive and control processes needed to achieve conditions that avoid the proliferation of organisms that are harmful to the well-being and the environment.

Pest control services

We have implemented a system that is constantly improved. The main goal is to apply the treatment using the lowest quantity of the product.

Our system respects the environmental conditions where it’s been applied and it has the support and the recognition of the most important quality regulations in the sector.

Main pests we fight

Pine processionary, termites and black fly

Pine processionary

(Thaumetopoea pityocampa)

Lokimica has developed an innovative method for the control of the pine processionary, allowing to apply the treatment without using any chemical products or indiscriminated biocides scattering. This way, Lokímica protects the environment where the treatment is carried out at the same time the population is controlled.



Our treatment with certified baits achieves the total elimination of termite colonies without building work and without evictions. In addition, we use products that are not toxic to humans, pets or the environment.

Black fly


Linked to flowing waters such as rivers, streams, canals or ditches. Some species notoriously bite humans to obtain their blood and can travel several kilometres in search of people or animals to feed on. Optimal control requires strategic monitoring plans and periodic, highly technical larvicidal actions.

Other pests


There are different species that can cause occasional problems in homes, shops, hotels, gardens and municipal facilities, among others. They frequent these spaces because they obtain suitable food, and the correct and accurate identification of the ant species is essential in some cases in order to adequately address their control.

Red palm weevil

At Lokimica we treat this species as an exotic and invasive species with microwaves, endotherapy and the use of pathogenic fungi. In addition, re-infestations are common. For this reason, periodic check-ups adapted to the insect’s biology and environmental temperatures must be carried out.


When infestation levels are very high, population control is complicated. For this, we combine physical, mechanical, chemical and cultural methods for effective control in affected habitats.

Urban birds

Our principles of action are based on technical criteria of proven effectiveness, under parameters of prevention in terms of public health, and prioritising animal health and welfare at all times.


There are 2 main types of ticks: soft and hard ticks. Both are haematophagous (they need to ingest blood to develop). Most species are usually associated with vegetation and high humidity.


As a general rule, endotherapy treatments are used to control this beetle. This work is carried out from February to April and from September to November. In addition, other shock treatments are carried out, such as the installation of bait points or the use of pheromone traps.


Only adult fleas bite and ingest blood. Problems are associated with the presence of possible flea-affected animals near people. Fleas jump to move between hosts in order to bite them.

Flies and phlebotomus

Different types of flies can cause nuisance and contamination processes. Detecting breeding sites and managing them properly is key to control.

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