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A Covid-19 disinfection company

In LOKÍMICA we’re experts in Covid-19 disinfection. Thanks to it’s experts collaboration in the development of action protocols for the disinfection of crowded cities and public areas. For this reason, our organization has lead, along public bodies, the modelling of action protocols suitable to their needs.

Imagen de operario realizando labores de desinfección COVID-19 en un edificio
Imagen de operario realizando labores de desinfección COVID-19 en un hospital
Imagen de operario realizando labores de desinfección COVID-19 en una edificio

How do we apply our Covid-19 disinfection services?

Every circumstance is evaluated in detail. We establish a treatment that has its specific action plan adapted to the existing surfaces, the space and accessibility available and the determined casuistry of the potentially exposed individuals.

Treatment zones

LOKÍMICA does disinfection works against Covid-19 in every environment that is to the teams at its disposal and the experience acquired working for important organizations, public and private.

Lokímca is also capable of provide disinfection treatments against SARS-CoV-2 in outdoor areas, traffic roads and indoor areas, offering in any case the maximum quality and efficiency.

Complete service

Lokímica offers a wide range of services related to the new SARS-CoV-2 virus, source of Covid-19. It offers as well all services related that could serve as additional service to stop the virus.

This way, Lokímica takes on preventive treatments, treatments in case of not confirmed cases and positives, 24 hours service, emergency services and consultancy, as well as a complete on-line documentation.

Internationally approved products

LOKÍMICA uses disinfection products against Covid-19 with the approval and recommendation of the Ministry of Health. Due to the difficulty to access a lot of them, collaboration agreements have been developed to guarantee its supply.

We use the best product in the market for the disinfections against SARS-CoV-2, source of Covid-19. The components that have been used, with a great virucidal effect, are the only disinfectants of the highest level that present the cleaning and disinfection properties.

Unlike products based in chlorinated products like bleach, products used by Lokímica do not block in the presence of organic residue, assuring a disinfection 100% efficient. In addition, these disinfectants have no effect for animals or people, being 100% biodegradable to maintain our commitment to the environment.

High level disinfection

Besides an expert disinfection against Coronavirus, Lokimica is also experienced in the disinfection of other types of virus due to the collaboration of its experts in the development of action protocols for the disinfection of different kinds of centres, private-owned as well as public.

How do we provide our services?

Each treatment has its own specific action plan, adapted to the different surfaces present, the space and accessibility in the area, and the circumstances of the potentially exposed individuals.

Disinfection types

We provide treatments and protocols coordinated with the different Public Health departments if needed. The main disinfections provided are:

  • Surface disinfections
  • Conductions sterilization (air, liquid, etc)
  • Environmental disinfection
  • Special disinfections

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