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Leading Innovatio and Research

Lokímica has its own Research, Development and Innovation department at the sector’s state-of-the-art. We investigate new methods for procedures and the development of environmentally friendly biocides.

Thanks to our lines of investigation about different chemical, biological and natural substances, the Ministry of Health has recently authorized the use of new biocides for pest control in sensible places like the sewage network, open spaces, gardened spaces or building interiors, amongst others.

Research work

Other works

Colaborations in research

We nurture lines of research along universities and other renowned scientific centres. These collaborations are tied to the possible transmission of diseases from harmful organisms (like mosquitoes or rodents) in cities, as well as making the best control procedures to achieve the reduction of its impact and possible health harm.

We collaborate the Spanish Society of Environmental Health to achieve the organization’s main objective, which is to improve people’s health through the prevention of any environmental risks.
We work alongside the Municipal Veterinarians Association organizing conferences, workshops, training courses and technical meetings to address the issue of pest control in cities.
We are Sustaining Members of the European Mosquito Control Association, taking part in scientific and technical meetings, and following directives from its work guides to take on programs for the integral control for mosquitos in the territory.
We follow up closely recommendations, news and technical guides from the most important institutions on the planet linked to health and vector control, such as World Health Organization (WHO), the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), or the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), among others.
Lokímica maintains a close relationship with the “Parasites and Health” Research Group from the Universitat de València, about issues related to the study of parasitic zoonosis tied to the organisms that we fight daily like mosquitoes or rodents, with the reduction of derived risks for Public Health in a much precised and efficient way as the main goal.
We are associated to the National Environmental Health Companies Association (ANECPLA) to defend united and in a more efficient way the main interests for the sector, as well as to promote the implementation of technology in pest control services offered in Spain through the training and the improvement of workers’ and companies’ skills alike.
Research agreement since 1995 called “Supervision of technical reports and pesticides application tracking”.
Through the ‘FleboCollect’ project we collaborate with the Autonomous University of Madrid to carry out studies on Citizen Science and Phlebotomus control and surveillance.
Lokímica is a member of the Pest Control and Environmental Health Companies Association from the Valencian Community (AECPSA-CV). We joined this organization in order to be a part of one of the most important networks for pest control professionals in the area, and work together to defend the interests of all its members.

Access to AECPSA-CV

Formulation of our own biocides

We are the only company in the sector that formulates and manufactures the products that it needs. We adapt them to new technology and improve them constantly, using natural pyrethrin with low toxicity for environmental insecticide treatments. Manufacturing these biocides we manage to decrease in a drastic manner the cost of application.

Lokímica has rodenticides available with the two families of anticoagulant that exist (coumarin and indadionic), which permits its alternated application, avoiding for the rodents to develop a resistance to these products.
Our insecticides present very low toxicity levels. They have the distinctive feature of being a one-of-a-kind product among the others in the market and it is not commercialized. This way, we can apply highly effective treatments with minimal risks in interior or outdoor areas, as well as in sewage systems.

Innovation in treatments application and management

Thanks to our innovative works, we improve every day the application methods for our treatments.

Computerised Management System

Lokímica has developed a computerized management system that uses GIS (Geographical Information System Mapping).

The web application presents to the client graphic information derived from the treatments, locating the control points georeferenced on aerial photographs or official maps.

The client can, through exclusive access, ask for new services by incident, track them, and make enquires about any intervention and its results.

Investing in new ways of treatment

We differentiate ourserves from the competition offering treatments made with helicopters as well as advanced drones, equiped with cameras with the best sensors.