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Committed to the Environment

As a Socially Responsible Company, Lokímica has an environmental policy aimed to decrease the impacts of its actions in its field of action. For this purpose, the organization possesses the highest quality standards and evaluation plans to minimize environmental impacts.

Control of Environmental aspects

LOKÍMICA identifies direct, indirect and potential environmental impacts that derive from the activities and services in which applies its influence. For this purpose, normal working conditions and possible emergency situations are considered.

Direct Environmental aspects

We identify directly environmental aspects those related to the work that could put at risk the wellbeing of the environment in which we operate.

In normal situations, the definition of these risks will be done through an evaluation of the facilities, processes, activities or products discerning between these groups:

  • Spills.
  • Residues.
  • Associated consumption
  • Noise and gas emissions.
Indirect Environmental aspects

Indirect Environmental aspects are caused by subcontractors and/or service purveyors. In this regard, LOKÍMICA controls and monitor these factors, having them into consideration in our evaluations.

We track the environmental behaviour from or service purveyors, making sure they know LOKÍMICA’s environmental policy and the need of participation and commitment with the improvement of the environment in the services they provide.

Potential Environmental aspects

We identify and evaluate environmental aspects that can be potentially harmful in case of an accident or an emergency situation:

  • Spillage of dangerous residues.
  • Fires.

Integrated Management System

We have established, documented and implemented an Integrated Management System under the requirements of regulations ISO 9000, ISO 14000, OSHAS 18000, ISO 27001 and we carry out with our services under the norm UNE 16636 for pest control services, regulation EC 1221/2009 (EMAS III), and also applying criteria to assure the innocuousness of food.

The Integrated Management System it’s conformed of the following documents:

Meeting our environmental objectives

In the year 2019 we have:

  • Reduced our CO2 emissions by 3% compared with the previous year.
  • Invested more than 600,000 euros in our vehicle fleet with Eco and Zero emissions certificate from the Directorate-General for Traffic (DGT).
  • Reduced the usage of insecticides by 2% compared with 2018.
  • Reduced the usage of rodenticides by 2% compared with 2018.

Committed to people

In Lokímica we take care of all people that are directly or indirectly related to our organization. For that reason, we have instated policies with the purpose of encouraging Equality in our company as well as in society.

Committed to our workers

Social and labour Inclusive Plan

We are convinced that giving opportunities to those people with social difficulties and/or functional diversities result in the progress of all society.

For that reason, we have a recruitment plan for people with a registered disability of more than 33% and for extracomunitary immigrants registered at the moment of their hiring as unemployed for a 6 month minimum period.

LOKÍMICA identifies Direct, Indirect and Potential environmental aspects derived from the activities and services in which it has its influence. For this purpose, normal functionality conditions are considered, as well as possible emergency situations.

Effective Equality Program

In its Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, LOKÍMICA sets up initiatives and measures to achieve the balance of work, personal and family life for their employees, as well as equal opportunities for men and women, promoting:

  • Maternity leave and part-time working hours when needed.
  • The recruitment of women, which number increases year after year, and promoting them to positions of responsibility inside the company’s structure.
Job Quality

We work for the improvement of different labour indicators:

  • Contract duration: 71,5% of our workers have a long-term contract.
  • Location: 78% of our workers are from nearby locations.
  • Salary: The majority of our professional categories are payed above the professional collective bargain agreement.

Commited with the Community

Through the actions of our charitable work, we take part on a variety of activities that, at a local level, have the improvement of the people’s quality of life as a final purpose.